Database backups are essential for protection against data loss that can completely disrupt business operations. Regular backups are crucial when you have transactional or very dynamic data in your database. Unlike SQL, MongoDB does not come with shadow paging, unless you are ready to work with replica sets (To deploy mongo in replica sets, click here).

TLDR; The docker image, developed by our CTO and Co-Founder Rohan Dhamapurkar, can be found here.

How to use the container:


Have you ever come across situations in your code where you thought that if this function returned a promise, things could’ve been so much easier?

Well, we came across such issues while we were using AWS S3 storage and we thought of making our lives simpler by making an npm package!

Our CTO and Co-Founder, Rohan Dhamapurkar, got thinking and made s3Helper, an npm package which promisifies all the callbacks from AWS S3.

You can find the s3helper package here.

How to use s3Helper:

You need to first install the s3Helper package by typing the following command in the CLI:

npm i @orderstack/s3helper


Gone are the days to wait in lines to get order orders placed in the restaurants. KFC has a food ordering chatbot that has been out there for a while. All the hype about it made us try it. The concept was beautifully placed in people’s minds with amazing videos and attractive catchphrases. I like how quick the bot is to respond and the language also seems to be friendly for the user.

In one of our first projects as OrderStack, we had to make a data warehouse and analytical platform. The challenge here was integrating it with their existing systems and complementing them by providing a robust way to process incoming data client wise.


Data processing engine
Insightful and flexible reports
Readily available Integrations
Avoid repetitive tasks and reduces errors
Enterprising and visually appealing reports

Project Lifecycle:

Requirement Gathering

We discussed with the client how the integration with the existing systems will be. Also, we understood all the functionality that the client needed while data processing and also the input data formats and sources.
We outlined a…

In 2017 we here at OrderStack had conceptualized an idea for food ordering chatbots for restaurants. Helping restaurants by providing them a virtual host and creating an online presence.


A Facebook Messenger Chatbot.
Natural Language Processing.
Small Talk Enabled.
User Context Management.
Reduce User Ordering Time.

Project Lifecycle:

Requirement Gathering

We got into inter-team brainstorming sessions on how the flow of the bot should be and the features that it will have apart from the food ordering flow. We also researched the Facebook Graph API to handle the messages and also to figure out the challenges on the Messenger UI while giving in responses…

This article heavily depends on our previous article so we sincerely recommend to go through the previous article on how to Deploy a Single Organization blockchain network using Hyperledger Fabric 2.0 with NodeJS.

In the previous article on how to Deploy a Single Organization blockchain network using Hyperledger Fabric 2.0 with NodeJS, we used Hyperledger Fabric to create a network with one organization and created a channel comprising of that peer. This network is called the base network.

The base network comprises of orderer and peer nodes. In the single deployment article, we have created only a single organization. In…

Deploy a Single Organization Blockchain Network Using Hyperledger Fabric 2.0 and NodeJs
Deploy a Single Organization Blockchain Network Using Hyperledger Fabric 2.0 and NodeJs

Whenever you read something about “blockchain” the first thing that comes to your mind is Bitcoin. But blockchain provides so much more than that. Simply put, blockchain technology allows a series of interconnected computers to reach an agreement on shared data. This technology is helpful in a lot of fields that aren’t cryptocurrencies; like supply chain management, digital identity, voting, healthcare, IoT, etc.

In this article, we will talk about how you can use the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain framework to deploy your own blockchain network! The Hyperledger Fabric framework is used widely in several industry use cases such as education…

AWS Lambda is a convenient way to run and deploy simple functions (FaaS) which scale gracefully under load. However, for Python, importing external packages and dependencies can be a pain given the restricted environment that AWS Lambda provides.


Recently we had a chance to work on a project for a client that involved developing inter-service communication. The systems which had to be interconnected were standalone monolithic HTTP servers written in node. After a lot of research on inter-process communication methodologies, we decided we needed some RPC (Remote Procedure Call) framework in place to interconnect existing services.

We then decided to go with Google’s “gRPC” framework using HTTP/2 as the transport layer and Protocol Buffer as an interaction language. gRPC also has SSL authentication between the client module and the server module, which is an excellent security feature provided…

Chatbots are now becoming a growing trend with all tech giants rolling out AI assistants like Google Assistant and Siri and many more like them, even startups are coming up with creative solutions for creating chatbots with just a simple ‘drag and drop’ similar to building websites using WordPress or WIX.

Me being a coder find in more in my control to create chatbots or websites through code as it gives me a lot of customizability and modularity over any system which I develop.

The startup I work at OrderStack, my best friend and I are working on developing a…


We are a technology solutions startup. We started right out of college as a Chatbot service provider and later branched into bespoke software solutions.

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